Gidday, I'm Kain

I’m one of those digital creative types who does a bit of everything: a jack of all trades and a master at all of them. I’m also super humble. I’ve been called a visionary, perfectionist and a pain in the ass - all of it true.

If I was hard pressed to describe myself I’d say that I’m driven by technologies and sustainable practices that liberate human expression. Dumbing it down; I love being hands on in every stage of creating digital or physical products & services from concept through to design, production, sales and marketing. The whole shebang: from go to "whoah".

I live for making experiences that are fun, intuitive and thoughtfully practical, whether that’s a SaaS for professional photographers, interactive XR/VR/AR experiences or hand crafted furniture for vinyl enthusiasts.

This website is currently under construction. Shoot me an email if you’d like to chat or hit me up on the socials.

Kain Tietzel Avatar - Ready Player Me
TL;DR: Kain Tietzel is a Sydney based creative director & entrepreneur invested in spatial & emerging technologies that benefit people over shameless profiteering.